In this short video, actress  Zohra Sehgal recites one of my favourite poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Mujse pehli si muhabbat mere mehboob na maang, (Do Not Ask Me, My Love, For That Love Again).

Teri surat se hai aalam mein bahaaron ko sabaat
Teri aankho’n ke siwa duniya me’n rakha kya he?

From your beauty poured into the world an eternal spring
What exists in this world apart from your eyes?

You can also listen to the much older version sung by Noor Jehan here.

The rich Urdu opens up such deep crevasses of emotion, and there are many similarities between Sufism and Faiz’s expressions of love.

Its a shame (for those of you unable to read/understand Urdu) that so much depth is lost in the translations of his poems. 

- A x 

Who are your favourite Urdu poets?

Wtf is Tim Hortons though


tim hortons is my life, and without it i would be nothing. it is what fuels me, what makes me want to see the light of tomorrow. wikipedia defines it is “a Canadian multinational fast casual restaurant” but it is so much more. tim hortons is indescribable as it is not solely canada’s most beloved chain coffee and bake shop, but a full experience. even the scent of fresh coffee brewing, hot donuts right out of the oven, and the faint lingering of burned bagels is enough to set my head spinning. you can’t simply just ask a canadian to define tim hortons, because tim hortons defines a canadian

♥☼ALIENS EXIST♥☼ the ’90s throwback x-files mix you never knew you wanted

→ btvs/hannibal [1/?]

In which Buffy meets Hannibal, figures out he eats people and then decides to outpun him.


all i’m saying is if an all-girls school crashed on the island in lord of the flies then they would’ve been off the island in a week

kid stands up for himself after being pushed down by dropping the gloves (x)